Amazing Grace Requiem (Rest)

I’ve been having a hard time with asthma and lung infections for months, so I’ve worked on more instrumentals. Today I’m glad to release a new song called Amazing Grace Requiem (Rest). It’s a trumpet and violin tribute of the classic that follows the original lyrics by John Newton more closely.  In creating it I… Continue reading Amazing Grace Requiem (Rest)

Curious Language Links – Battle Cry

The Irish for Battle-Cry, Slúagh-ghairm, is pronounced [sloo-ah-hahrm]. The most common word used in Irish battle-cries was abú [ah-boo] meaning Hooray! or Forever! It comes from the words, buaigh/buaidh [boo-ee] and bua [boo-ah], meaning to win, victory or triumph. Interesting that modern military cries of “Booyah! Oorah! Hooah! & Hooyah!” all sound like the Irish… Continue reading Curious Language Links – Battle Cry