Gorgeous But Sad Tin Whistle

One of my favorite Star Trek Next Generation episodes is “The Inner Light” where Captain Picard lives a new life on the extinct planet, Kataan, that died 1000 years ago. He experiences decades of a life on that planet in less than 25 minutes while he’s in a coma. Escaping to a completely new life… Continue reading Gorgeous But Sad Tin Whistle

Gal Gadot’s Mystical Irish Connection

This weekend I watched an hour long show about Irish myths and legends[1] and noted a story about the legendary king hero Fionn mac Cumhaill (pronounced “Fin mac Kool”) and his love triangle with his betrothed, Gráinne (“Grah-nyah”), and his soldier servant, Diarmuid (“Jeer-mwuhg” or “Deer-mwuhg”). Fionn was old and Gráinne didn’t really want to… Continue reading Gal Gadot’s Mystical Irish Connection

Is a child’s music as important as yours?

Ireland is voting on the 25th to repeal legislation that makes a baby’s life equal to that of the mother’s. The Eighth Amendment as it’s called is moral common sense, but like many other countries swayed by the overemphasis of personal freedom and fear, Ireland is being pressured to remove the Eighth Amendment so legislation… Continue reading Is a child’s music as important as yours?

Ireland’s Eighth Amendment Repeal Vote

I’ve heard more than one survivor of abortion talk about how grateful they are to have lived. Claire Culwell in the following Irish Central article found out she survived and it inspired her to go to Ireland and speak against the coming vote to make abortions available. I hope the Irish retain their commitment to… Continue reading Ireland’s Eighth Amendment Repeal Vote

Beidh Aonach Amáireach… (There’s A Fair Tomorrow)

It’s over 80F and sunny today, but summer is over and so is the fair season. I got all the fair footage I needed for the music video to the Irish song, Beidh Aonach Amáireach I gContae An Chláir (There’s A Fair Tomorrow In County Claire). Maybe you’ll recognize some of the fairs in the… Continue reading Beidh Aonach Amáireach… (There’s A Fair Tomorrow)

Music Therapy and Ancient Ireland

Music Therapy is used to help heal the sick, brighten the depressed, and awaken the mentally ill. Ancient Irish folktales speak of trumpets healing the wounded. Could it be based on truth? Researchers have studied tones from horns and found they also produce ultrasound, which is known to promote healing in biological cells. The ultrasound… Continue reading Music Therapy and Ancient Ireland