Gal Gadot’s Mystical Irish Connection

This weekend I watched an hour long show about Irish myths and legends[1] and noted a story about the legendary king hero Fionn mac Cumhaill (pronounced “Fin mac Kool”) and his love triangle with his betrothed, Gráinne (“Grah-nyah”), and his soldier servant, Diarmuid (“Jeer-mwuhg” or “Deer-mwuhg”). Fionn was old and Gráinne didn’t really want to… Continue reading Gal Gadot’s Mystical Irish Connection

Ireland’s Eighth Amendment Repeal Vote

I’ve heard more than one survivor of abortion talk about how grateful they are to have lived. Claire Culwell in the following Irish Central article found out she survived and it inspired her to go to Ireland and speak against the coming vote to make abortions available. I hope the Irish retain their commitment to… Continue reading Ireland’s Eighth Amendment Repeal Vote