Ireland’s Eighth Amendment Repeal Vote

I’ve heard more than one survivor of abortion talk about how grateful they are to have lived. Claire Culwell in the following Irish Central article found out she survived and it inspired her to go to Ireland and speak against the coming vote to make abortions available. I hope the Irish retain their commitment to… Continue reading Ireland’s Eighth Amendment Repeal Vote

Curious Language Links – Battle Cry

The Irish for Battle-Cry, Slúagh-ghairm, is pronounced [sloo-ah-hahrm]. The most common word used in Irish battle-cries was abú [ah-boo] meaning Hooray! or Forever! It comes from the words, buaigh/buaidh [boo-ee] and bua [boo-ah], meaning to win, victory or triumph. Interesting that modern military cries of “Booyah! Oorah! Hooah! & Hooyah!” all sound like the Irish… Continue reading Curious Language Links – Battle Cry

Curious Language Link – Tired Tour Shock

I’ve been battling asthma and respiratory illness for a while so I haven’t been singing and making music or been active online. I hope that will change this year and I can share new music with you soon. Also this year Ireland declared 2018 to be “Bliain na Gaeilge”, which is the Year of Irish… Continue reading Curious Language Link – Tired Tour Shock

Beidh Aonach Amáireach… (There’s A Fair Tomorrow)

It’s over 80F and sunny today, but summer is over and so is the fair season. I got all the fair footage I needed for the music video to the Irish song, Beidh Aonach Amáireach I gContae An Chláir (There’s A Fair Tomorrow In County Claire). Maybe you’ll recognize some of the fairs in the… Continue reading Beidh Aonach Amáireach… (There’s A Fair Tomorrow)

Guitar & Mandolin Pick Review

I got a few variety packs of Dunlop guitar picks and thought I should review what I found about their characteristics. I also include some Clayton wood and horn picks and other picks I’ve been using for comparison. Medium Thickness Picks First, the medium picks. So far my favorite general use pick for the acoustic… Continue reading Guitar & Mandolin Pick Review