Hummingbird Scrubbie

I used to do 3D modeling and art way back when the technology first came out in the late 80’s. The state of the art has improved a lot since then, so I thought I’d try making a hummingbird for the Rainbird music video.

Even free 3d software is a lot more powerful than the $1200 stuff I used before, but the process of modeling and making good looking results is just as frustrating as I remember it, as you can see by my first bird attempt (top in photo). It looks like a couple mangled bath scrubbies. Maybe appropriate for a bird surviving a freezing rain storm that the song depicts, but not great for the music video.

My second attempt is better but when I got to modeling the wings and trying to figure out how to animate them, it started taking too long, so I gave up on it. I ended up using the real bird I have in the song cover art. Later today you can see the finished video.


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