Gorgeous But Sad Tin Whistle

One of my favorite Star Trek Next Generation episodes is “The Inner Light” where Captain Picard lives a new life on the extinct planet, Kataan, that died 1000 years ago. He experiences decades of a life on that planet in less than 25 minutes while he’s in a coma. Escaping to a completely new life… Continue reading Gorgeous But Sad Tin Whistle

Gal Gadot’s Mystical Irish Connection

This weekend I watched an hour long show about Irish myths and legends[1] and noted a story about the legendary king hero Fionn mac Cumhaill (pronounced “Fin mac Kool”) and his love triangle with his betrothed, Gráinne (“Grah-nyah”), and his soldier servant, Diarmuid (“Jeer-mwuhg” or “Deer-mwuhg”). Fionn was old and Gráinne didn’t really want to… Continue reading Gal Gadot’s Mystical Irish Connection

Romance in MN – Good or Bad?

The other day I saw on the local news that Google reported the most searched relationship question in Minnesota was “how to break up.” Doesn’t sound great for us Minnesotans, does it?   I never searched on that, but I’ve had my share of bad relationships. I don’t think MN is much different than most… Continue reading Romance in MN – Good or Bad?

How does a bird sing in freezing rain?

I just posted the video for Rainbird. Watch below or go to my music video page at http://CantaireDe.com/videos.htm. You’ll see in the video I ended up using a “real” bird instead of the 3d models I was trying to make. The 3d software was still useful, though. It let me add other effects, like the… Continue reading How does a bird sing in freezing rain?